Yasmina is an experienced dancer who has been dancing for more than 15 years. She started her passionate relationship with tango while living in Buenos Aires in 2010 after many years of performing and touring in Latin dance. Training in Buenos Aires with international renowned maestros, she developed her personal tango style by exploring different styles from the old and the new generation as well as both roles.
Yasmina likes to analyze each movement in order to understand all of its subtleties. Her teaching focuses on the quality of movements, the embrace, experimentation and body awareness. She also enriches her dancing and teaching with her training in Latin dance and gyrotonic.
For Yasmina, more than a dance, tango is an art form deeply connected to the Argentine culture and history. She has been invited to teach and perform around the United Kingdom, France, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.





Adrian is an accomplished dancer, trained in classical ballet, contemporary dance and latin dances with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Choreography. He has been dancing Tango since the age of 11 in South of Spain where he learnt to feel and understand the technique, the culture and the music. He studied with a number of well known teachers and is always in research of new inspirations and excitements.
For the last two years Adrian has been the artistic director of a Tango company which successfully perform in theatre and public events, combining the purest tango technique with the most contemporary styles.
Adrian is fully trained in pilates, yoga and fitness, and has a strong focus on posture and fluidity. His understanding of the body alignment enables him to help students develop their owns skills and performances.