First tango class? Everything you need to know

Starting to dance tango can be a little bit intimidating so we have put together answers to the most common questions asked by our beginner students. We hope that it will give you some good guidance and encourage you to make your first step into our tango classes and the world of Tango in general.

What should I wear to my first tango class?
The most important thing here is to be comfortable when moving around - there is no strict dress code when learning to dance tango. Most people come in with the clothes they are wearing that day - without changing before class.

As for footwear, it is recommended to wear shoes with leather soles for both men and women to help with your floor grip. For female students, we recommend to wear comfortable heels or flats, ideally with open toes (if possible avoid pointed shoes). If you are planning to learn tango long-term then you might want to invest into proper tango shoes. We would be more than happy to recommend you quality tango shoe brands` that you can buy in London or online, just ask us after a class.

Can I join a class without a partner?
Yes, absolutely! We intentionally rotate everyone to dance with as many partners as possible, so even if you come alone, there will be plenty of ‘single’ partners for you to dance with..

For couples, it is a lovely experience to learn tango together and we welcome everyone who already has a partner. We have a few regular couples that have been on a tango journey with us. Most of the time a couple will progress and dance together, however from time to time it’s also nice to dance with other people.

Do I need to have any dance experience?
Not at all. To inspire you, consider the fact that when tango was born, it was danced by ordinary people who had no formal dance training. Of course, if you have any dance experience, it will help you with your body and movement awareness but it is absolutely not necessary. If we notice that you need any technique corrections, we will give you tips during the class to speed up your progress.

How long will it take to learn tango?
There are no set rules here, tango is an art form so you can grow it as much as you want while enjoying the process. Usually it takes a minimum of 3-5 classes to be familiar with the basics moves and digest them in your head (hence we offer a special intro offer for the first 3 classes!)

Is there an age limit?
Not at all. The beauty of tango is that you can start it at any time in life - although we hear many students say that they wish they had started earlier, so don’t postpone your first class too much.

We hope the above answers your questions and ease off any stress you may have before your first tango class. Of course, you are still welcome to drop us a line to ask anything at all. We are happy to help!